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Long-term rental for
luxury vehicles

A very warm welcome at Baron Cars!

Why did we found Baron Cars - a new concept for the long-term rental and purchase of luxury vehicles?

Due to our closely interlinked working processes with the top manufacturers in the car industry, we guarantee you quick access to the leasing of exclusive vehicle models as well as a preferential price if you decide to purchase the established luxury car after the rental period.

Through our rental program you have the possibility to lease a vehicle for a period of 6-24 months. This means that you are not bound by the usual long-term contracts. All vehicles in our offer are new cars. This offers a maximum of service, exclusivity, flexibility and of course driving pleasure.

Long-term Car-Rental
Luxury Car-Rental

Our brand portfolio

Lease an Aston Martin!
Lease a Bentley!
Lease a Ferrari!
Lease a Lamborghini!
Lease a Land Rover!
Lease a Maybach!
Lease a Mercedes-AMG!
Lease a Porsche!

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Long-term Rental & CarSharing

Why Us?

You have an affinity to luxury vehicles, appreciate a bold design philosophy, latest technology and outstanding performance? Then this is your place!

The company’s three founders are auto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from the worlds of car trading, truck & trailer leasing, and investment advisory, who now offer customers their decades of experience under one roof. Thanks to the immense pleasure they derive from exclusive and premium vehicles, they quickly spotted a niche in the market:

The manufacturer-independent and flexible acquisition and long-term rental of luxury vehicles. Baron Cars is filling this niche.

Our offer

We offer an outstanding selection of exclusive vehicles that, depending on the particular leasing-program, are tailored to our customers’ individual requirements. Thus, we provide the highest possible level of exclusivity, mobility and flexibility.

Two key factors distinguish us from our competitors. No matter if you decide to lease a single vehicle or to use our Club CarSharing-Services, the minimum contract period is just 6 months. This allows you to remain flexible and choose a new and up-to-date luxury model in a very timely manner.

With our Concierge-Service, we take care of your mobility needs so that you can focus on your driving pleasure.

Your benefits!

Our long-term rental has a minimum contract period of 6 months only and thus provides highest flexibility!

So, you do not have to manage any difficulties for changing your vehicle after a few months or buying your familiar partner with our preferential purchase conditions. Of course, we take care of the most important concerns, as assurance, vehicle tax, servicing, etc.

With our Concierge-Service and our personal day & night service, we make your life as easy, as possible. While the leasing-period you can sit down, relax and enjoy the ride. We will do the rest!

Luxury Car-Rental
Our premium offer for you


Leasing of luxury vehicles


We provide you with 24/7 service.


Personal Service

Personal and direct contact with our customers is second nature of us.


Delivery across Europe

After you choose one of our exquisite cars, we will deliver the vehicle anywhere in Europe – irrespective of your location.


Shuttle Service

Take advantage of our convenient shuttle service at any time.


Vehicle pick up day/night

Retrieve your car whenever you like – day or night.


Car exchange wherever you choose

Flexibly exchange your vehicle at the location of your choice.


Chauffeur service

Looking for an excellent chauffeur? We can help you here as well.


VIP parking at airports

Enjoy the convenience of a personal VIP parking spot at every airport.

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As an expanding company, Baron Cars stands for highest quality and best services - for any ride! Whether you want to lease a luxury limousine or rent a sports car, with us you get only the best of the best!

Thus, our CarSharing-program is located in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich, London, Marbella and Paris. Nevertheless, no way is too far! To make your life as pleasant as possible, we offer a Europe-wide delivery of your exclusive luxury car at any time to a place.

Of course, we have an eye on your individual wishes and can easily adopt our rental-programs to them. Thus, your desired luxury vehicle can be specially configured to your needs. Furthermore, you have also the possibility to lease a present car from our always reachable stock. You can rent a fully equipped Porsche or lease an Mercedes-AMG with extra horsepower - no problem anymore!

Our long-time rental program is always a step ahead. This is our special service for you! For that, you have the possibility to change your vehicle after the minimum contract period of 6 months only or you decide to buy your new partner with our desirable purchase conditions after the leasing-period has come to an end.

Especially our Club CarSharing service provides a maximum of flexibility. Choose from our prepared pools and change your vehicle whenever you like. First attending a business meeting with a rented Mercedes-AMG E63, and afterwards a tour on the German Autobahn with the Aston Martin DB11 - anything is possible!


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