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Leasing together


Our Club-CarSharing concept is our very special offer for you! With a defined group of persons (3-6 persons) you can freely lease an exclusive pool of luxury vehicles. This means that you can always change the vehicle every 2-4 months (depending on the group of people).

You can rent a serious limousine, like the Mercedes-AMG E63, to go to a business meeting and later that day lease a sports car, like the Porsche 911, to celebrate the successes achieved. At the weekend you can enjoy the sun with one of our luxury convertibles. With this program we offer the highest possible flexibility!

Long-Term-Rental for Luxury vehicles


With our exclusive long-term rental you can lease the most desired luxury cars in the world. Whether you want to rent a luxury limousine, lease a sports car or drive a luxury convertible, with us you will find everything you desire.

All models are always freshly produced and configured according to your individual ideas. You can rent a fully equipped Porsche, lease a Mercedes-AMG with extra horsepower or choose a Lamborghini designed according to your wishes.

With a minimum contract period of only 6 months, you can always stay at the cutting edge of technology or you choose our leasing-program. Thus, you can lease a companion for 12-24 months.

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Luxury Car-Rental

Our brand portfolio

Lease an Aston Martin!
Lease a Bentley!
Lease a Ferrari!
Lease a Lamborghini!
Lease a Land Rover!
Lease a Maybach!
Lease a Mercedes-AMG!
Lease a Porsche!

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Long-Term Car-Rental & CarSharing


With our unique offers we make sure that you always lease the luxury vehicle you really need. Whether you rent a limousine, lease a sports car or drive a convertible, we will find something for you!

From our diverse pool of sports cars, limousines, convertibles & SUVs you can quickly choose the right luxury vehicle for your adventures. For the rental period you can configure the car of your choice - or simply choose from our existing vehicle stock.

A minimum contract period of only 6 months allows you after a short time to lease a new luxury vehicle and follow the latest technology - or to purchase the luxury car after the end of the rental period at a preferential price.

Our personal Concierge-Service is always available for you. In this way we make sure that you don't lack anything!


The luxury car touches the asphalt for the first time and you can already step on the accelerator.

Because each vehicle model offered for rent can be configured and ordered by you according to your individual needs. Thus, the luxury car will always be delivered factory fresh and is only assembled just for you. You want to rent a sports car that uses the energy efficiently or lease a Luxury-SUV that convinces on all terrains, for us no problem!

Thanks to our close working-relationship with the top-manufacturers in the automotive industry such as Mercedes-AMG, Bentley & Porsche, you will always find the right vehicle for a long-term rental with us! You always have the possibility to choose the latest models of our brand portfolio and to rent only the most modern luxury cars.


Not only do our brands in our portfolio - such as Aston Martin, Land Rover & Porsche - stand for high quality, but we also see a high standard in our rental of luxury cars as essential for the satisfaction of our customers.

Therefore, each of our offers and services is carefully checked and planned under professional guidance. You expect the highest quality when renting a luxury vehicle - and we deliver exactly that!

Our core business is to provide you with an impeccable top-of-the-range car with which you can enjoy the highest level of driving pleasure. But also, our competent employees are committed to highest discretion and will be there exclusively for you, if you want it.

Luxury car rental
Your benefits:
  • High flexibilty
  • Always the latest vehicle model
  • Vehicle change already after 6 months possible
  • Personal service
  • Attractive monthly rates
  • We take care of assurance, vehicle tax, servicing, etc.
  • You profit from our good shopping conditions
  • You wish a different colour? We take care of car wrapping in your demanded colour
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